Every Woman Loves Shoe Shopping

Almost since the dawn of time, they have been one of the most significant determinants of many areas of a woman’s social life. With the right choice they can draw envious stares and jealous whispers, but with the wrong they can just as easily attract disapproving side glances and the ever-dreaded eye-over. Everyone from businesswoman to soccer moms to students depends on choosing the perfect pair of shoes to help ensure that she literally puts her best foot forward.

Whatever a woman’s ensemble, whether it be a casual day skirt, a business suit, a swim cover up, or a party dress, the shoes she chooses must fit the look perfectly. A woman ‘s ensemble projects an image to the world and thus helps to display her role at work, at home, and at various activities. Achieving a big promotion requires dressing the part, and this includes the shoes one decides on. Even the perfect skirt, top, and accessories can quickly go awry if the wrong footwear is selected.

A woman’s choice of shoes projects many things to the world simultaneously: her own personal style, her view of the event or occasion, and her take on the latest trends.

In years gone by, it may have been acceptable to repeat looks from other seasons or to utilize ensembles more appropriate to other cities, however in today’s fast-paced, globalized world this simply won’t cut it. Sporting Uggs in Miami or Crocs in Paris is no longer an option for today’s style-conscious woman.

Luckily for today’s economically-conscious shoe-lovers, there are a few simple tips that will guarantee that no woman goes astray next time she ventures into the shoe department of the local department store. These rules will allow you to quickly master the art of shoe-shopping, while not depleting the majority of the contents of your wallet.

Perhaps one of the most significant rules that every woman should understand before venturing out to the next sale, is that every pair of shoes has a relative price. While a pair of shoes may be on sale for a very low sticker price, countless women make the mistake of being seduced into buying such shoes when they are not actually what they want. While making this common mistake once or twice will likely not affect one’s budget to any noticeable degree, many women often have full closets of useless shoes, purchased solely because they were “great deals”. Yet when one reflects on the true cost of shoes it becomes clear that every pair of shoes costs money that could be spent on more tasteful, useful pairs. Thus it is the relative cost of many regrettable sale shoe purchases that is simply too high. To avoid sabotaging your shoe closet next time you find yourself in a shoe sale, simply ask the question, “Would I want these if they were not on sale?” If your answer is yes, then you have likely found a great bargain, but if it is no, just say no and your wallet and feet will thank you later.

In addition to the simple sale rule, another important tip for all shoe-lovers on a budget is to remember that different shoes have different values. Many women make the mistake of splurging on this season’s trends, only to find themselves having to look through the aisles of the local bargain store for the staples they need every day. Instead of allotting the majority of your shoe budget to this year’s must-haves, spend more on the classic pieces that will stay with you. Invest in the everyday flats, work pumps, dress stilettos, riding boots, and driving moccasins, and then spend your money more frugally on all of the seasonal trends. Buying high-quality reproductions of designer trends is one great way to enjoy this year’s look without breaking the bank.